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Friday, 4 February 2011

Wanna fight about it?!

Purple and green one of my favourite colour combinations ever - especially when the shadows are muted, murky or smokey! I do like a bright green and purple look, but for everyday, I use this combo a fair bit.

Lid- Living Dead Grrl Lullaby
Crease- Living Dead Girl Fascination Street
Outer V- Living Dead Grrl Hello Brian
Highlight- Wet N Wild matte pink from Lust palette
Lower Lashline- Living Dead Grrl Fascination Street
Liner- Living Dead Grrl The Same Deep Water As You
Mascara- Boots 17 Wild Curls

Highlight- Primark The Happy Couple - pink side
Blusher - Darling Girl Pink Outrage

Boots Natural Collection Rose Petal

Hair, hair, everywhere.... whoops! I'm wearing this today - going out with the fiance tonight, so I wanted something pretty, which to me equals pink blusher and lippie. Fascination Street is such a beautiful grey-lilac colour - I'm still really impressed with my Living Dead Grrl Shadows.

Lid- Evil Shades Wyvern
Crease- Fyrinnae Blue Footed Booby
Lashlines- Darling Girl Making Merry
Waterline: Rimmel kohl pencil in Lovely Lilac
Highlight- Maybelline MonoExpert in Sand

Blusher:Darling Girl Fuji
Highlight: NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlight

E.L.F Super Glossy Lipshine in Candlelight

This just wouldn't capture - it was sooooo pretty in real life. Blue Footed Booby is really low shimmer, and it looked lovely with the iridescence of Wyvern. In turn, the brightness of Wyvern was lovely with the smokey duo-chrome thang that Making Merry has going on. Ah well.

Base: Nyx JEP in Black Bean
Lid/Crease: Sleek Intoxicated from Bad Girl Palette
Lower Lashline: Ulta Glitter Liner in Purple
Waterline: Nyx JEP in Milk

Super quick and easy look. I rarely use just one eyeshadow (highlights don't count!) but the lovely texture of Intoxicated made it interesting enough for me to wear alone. You don't get to see my face for this one - I'm suffering from The Peelies at the moment and it was particularly bad this day - but I'm wearing peach blusher and just some balm.

Do you have a favourite combination you fall back on?

Robyn xxx


  1. aww al the looks are great!

  2. Love the purple look! I'm a huge purple fan myself! And the green with purple on the lower lashline looks awesome!

  3. I love the brighter green of the 2nd look but all three are pretty! It's cool that the Sleek e/s is multidimensional enough to use as a single color :) Hm, my fall back color combo. Probably taupe on the lid and a lighter purple in the crease, the combo is actually really pretty!

  4. :O ! I love green and purple, so this stuff is right up my alley. I think the third look is my favorite; smokey eyes are so pretty with your pale skin.
    Maybe I'm just oblivious, but when did Mr. Robyn go from boyfriend to fiance? (also, congrats!)

  5. So lovely as always! I really like how soft and feminine that first one is. :)

  6. All three looks are lovely! green looks so good with your hair. Your eyebrows are perfect too :)

  7. I love purple and green on you! So pretty. I think the first is my favorite.

  8. These look r awesome! I luv ur color combo and look fantastic with ur red hair

  9. `The teal and purple is my favourite look! But they are all gorgeous! Great work sweetie! x

  10. Man, you find such different ways to wear the same two colours! I want your brainnnnnnn


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