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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Blogger Collab: My Green Eyeshadows

We were supposed to swatch our favourite eyeshadows from a certain colour group...

Li-Ann from Sparklecrack Central went to town on her yellow collection.
Wendy from Turtle Beauty swatched some utterly beautiful purples.
Kimmie from KimmieKarmaLove is going to be sexing our eyes with her blues.
Jade from thejadecarver is going all monochrome on us with her greys, silvers and blacks.
Rachel from redlipstickblackliner will be showcasing some awesome red and oranges.

...but I got carried away and just did pretty much all the greens I own apart from my 120 palette. Oops.

All pressed shadows over NYX JEP in Milk, all loose shadows over Fyrinnae Pixie epoxy.


Golden khaki - Sleek Bohemian.
Matte kelly green - Sleek Bohemian.
Blue-green - Sleek Original.
Medium forest green - Sleek Original
Deep Olive - Sleek Original.

(The first swatch and the last swatch are very, very similar in real life. Luckily the photo shows that the Bohemian shade is more golden - Sleeks palettes often contain extremely similar shades.)

Semi-matte army green - Sleek Acid
Matte neon green - Sleek Acid
Mistletoe - deep forest green. Sleek Sparkle.
Chartreuse-y green. Sleek Circus.

Mistletoe close-up.

Black-based green, Sleek Storm
Intoxicated, (Bad Girl) . Another black based green - I'd describe it as magpie feather green!
Envy ( Bad Girl). Black base with a hint of green iridescence.

(See what I mean about bunging in similar shades? Intoxicated is the strongest green in real life, but there's not that much difference between it and the Storm green.)

Barry M and High Voltage:

-Barry M Dazzle Dust in no 72 Emerald. Emerald Green.
-Barry M Dazzle Dust in no 95 Parrot Green. Low-shimmer matte green - exactly the colour of er, parrots.
-Barry M Dazzle Dust in Apple Green (limited edition, no number.)Bright candy apple.
High Voltage eyeshadow Star Breaker. Bright, light lime green.

High Voltage:

Hanky Panky. Dirty brown-gold green (It looks purple here, sorry :S)
November Rain. Jungle green.
Pirate: Blackened metallic green.

Rebel Rebel. Dusky sage, leaning a little blue.
Dark Romance. Green gold with black undertone.
Tree Hugger. Bright lime green.
Roadie. Deep green/teal.


-Down In The Underground. Complex forest green/purple duochrome. (See the Hi-Fi swatch here.)
Sweet Dreams. Minty green.
Slime and Snails. Light golden green with blue glitter.
Creeper. Dirty lime green.
Living Dead Girl. ZOMBIE GREEN.

Slime and Snails
Down In The Underground.

Wet n' Wild:

-Sheer green and forest green from Cool as a Cucumber palette
-Mac Club dupe from Night Elf palette, the same over a dark base to show the green duo-chrome better.

Evil Shades:

Acolyte. Deep forest green.
Whooo R U?. Almost neon pastel, brighter irl.
Wyvern. Light minty iridescent green.

Living Dead Grrl:

That's A Fact! Bright lime green with orange sparkles.
The Same Deep Water As You. Deep forest green.
Whip It. Medium green with golden sparkles.
Skip To The End: Teal-leaning green.
Robot Club: Slightly sheer, icy mint green.

(I tried super hard to capture Skip to the End and Robot Club properly - they look overly blue next to the greens here. I promise they aren't blue!)


Arcane Magic Leopard Print Galaxy. Greeny-goldy-coral-y madness
Dressed to Kill. Deep green with gold sparkles.
Danse Macabre.
Blue Footed Booby. Semi-matte sage green.
Arcane Magic Electric Stardust. Bright, sparkly silver green.

Bottom, L-R:
Leopard Print Galaxy
Electric Stardust

Well, that's all my greens! Most of them aren't true greens - they're dirty, or golden, or a little bit teal, but apparently that's how I roll. If I had to live with just five, I'd pick Sleek Intoxicated, Fyrinnae Electric Stardust, Living Dead Grrl That's A Fact, Hi-Fi Sweet Dreams and High Voltage Roadie but that could all change tomorrow!

Hi-Fi: Boom Shaka Laka, Deck the Halls, Storm of Thorns.
Fyrinnae: Bamboo Revolution, Eternal Innocence, Leif, Winter Again, Tyr.
Sugarpill: Tipsy, Absinthe.
MAC: Wondergrass, Velvet Moss
Detrivore: Ectoplasma, Condemned.
Meow: Euterpe, Sexy Time, Sexy Pants, ROFLMAO
Darling Girl: Mistletoe'd, Keroppi, Aida, Showdown

Agh, lets be honest, I want any and all of the greens! Green rules!


  1. DOOD, Slime and Snails, and Down in the Underground are AWESOME. Does help that they are named after the greatest movie ever... Creeper reminds me of that new song from The Lonely Island, and so it makes me giggle. Leopard Print Galaxy is fantastic, too! I can't pick a fave.

  2. dang girl! lol!!! you have every green imaginable, i LOVE them....the barry m swatches are my favorite


  3. Wowwwww you've got sooo many!!! Love all!!

  4. Awesome thanks for doing this. I love the neon green from the Sleek acid palette!

  5. Hey! I was reading this, and I completely fell head over heels in love with Hi-Fi's 'Slime and Snails' and 'Down In The Underground', I've been frantically searching and I can't seem to find anywhere I could buy these at all.

    If you could give me a bit of direction as to where I can obtain them, that'd be great. :D

  6. You've convinced me - I need Slime and Snails and Down In The Underground. (Have to keep earning my Duochrome Fetishist Merit Badge...)

    Now to wait for the shop to re-open!!

  7. So freakin happy that I now own the Sleek Acid palette! Down in the Underground is amazing too, I have it but don't even think I've worn it yet~ I need to get on that!

  8. I love the Barry M Emerald! And that green from the Sleek Bohemian palette *drool* I think I have a couple similar to it though.

  9. Oh boy, Hi-Fi lemmings galore. I'm now accepting hand outs so I can buy new sparklies~ D;

  10. Holy crap, so many variations of green! I think I actually like the Barry M ones the most, as well as That's A Fact :)

  11. They're all so pretty! I need more Hi Fi!

  12. Hi Fi Down In The Underground is stunning!

  13. You can never have enough eye shadow :3


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