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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

FashionistA Fashion Secret Gel Liners

If I see a new brand in Superdrug, I have to get something from them. It’s like a compulsion. Last week I saw FashionistA had arrived in my local store – they have a customisable palette system with seemingly a good range of blushes, which excites me (all sold out though! Waah!) but I also was drawn to these liners:

fashionista gel liners 2

How weird is that packaging for a gel liner? Very strange indeed! I’m not sure the shape is so great – they’re very deep which I can see causing issues with messy brushes once you’ve used a good amount of the product. The cap screws off to reveal the liner and has a brush in the handle. The brush I’m not 100% sold on – it’s nice for smudging and applying over a large area but it’s not *quite* stiff enough for a good cat eye. Not bad for on the go touch-ups though, and if it’s too short for you, you can flip it over and stick it in the cap which is nice and gives you a bit more control.

Anyway, let’s see the product!

fashionista gel liners

Style (top) is a black with lots of green and blue sparkles. Dressed Down Cool (bottom) is a brown with lots of pink sparkles. Both are so pretty! I did swatch Dressed Down Cool a little thicker than Style but they’re pretty equal in pigmentation and texture.

fashionista black

‘Style’ on the top lashline and smudged under the bottom lashline.

fashionista black 1

‘Style’ as a base all over the lid (under Sugarpill Lumi.).

fashionista brown 2
fashionista brown

‘’ on the upper lashlines and smudged underneath in both photos.  If you enlarge that last one you can really see the pink sparkles.

When I first swatched these, I immediately thought they were cream shadows – very creamy for a ‘gel’ liner, and they took a while to set compared to other gels. When I wore Style on the lid alone, it creased really quickly, so these certainly need a primer if you want to wear it as an eyeshadow base. With a primer, however, they last all day with no creasing at all, so these could easily be a contender for NYX Jumbo Pencils for me! Bring out a white please, FashionistA!  I did find that you need to be a bit on the careful side when creating a wing with these as they don’t dry very fast, but on the plus side that means they’re nice for smudging as you don’t have to be super quick. So swings and roundabouts for application – if you have really heavy lids and find colour transfers onto your upper lid, I’d go careful with these,

Sadly the names of all the liners are on the safety label which covers the lid, so take note of them if you’re a forgetful so and so like me, as the names aren’t on the Superdrug website yet either!

fashionista gel liners 3

Speaking of Superdrug, I went and swatched a few others in the shop! Cheeky! The gold and black look lovely, but sadly the purples and teals aren’t as pigmented  or opaque as I would have liked for a gel liner. Still decent enough as a cream shadow or a base though, I suppose, but still.

So yes, a few oddities, especially with the packaging, but at £6 each I think I’ll be back for a few more! The black and gold are on my list.


  1. On a completely unrelated note, what brow pencil do you use? I recently went a copper red and can't seem to find anyone that is affordable that makes red toned pencils.

  2. Oooh both of those are lovely! I saw someone use this in a tutorial and was hoping you'd nab some and review them.

  3. The light blue looks pretty too :)

  4. Ahh this is the same kind of packaging as the Annabelle Smudgeliners, except I might be able to actually get my hands on these :D

  5. this seems like an amazing product!!! eyeliner in a new way!

  6. I love the packaging! Superdrug have some amazing make-up these days. x


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