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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sugarpill Chromalust swatches, looks and review

Recently I got my first ever Sugarpill eyeshadows! I’d been wanting to try them for some time but the jars are enormous! While I don’t think $12 for that much eyeshadow is expensive, I’d just never use them and it would be a massive waste. So when a Facebook group I’m a member of did a group buy where you split the shadows into 1/4 jars, I grabbed a few to try. How could I not?!




L-R: Lumi, Darling, Tiara, Goldilux, Tipsy, Decora, Royal Sugar




Decora on the lid, with Tipsy in the crease and on the lower lashline, Lumi as an inner corner highlight. I’m wearing Decora over Pixie Epoxy and it foiled and looked much more metallic than I was expecting. Tipsy is used over P.E on the lower lashline but over nothing but UDPP on the crease – it blends out pretty nicely without losing all of it’s sparkle.




Lumi all over the lid. While Lumi is the sheerest of these shades and probably made to be a highlight/layering colour, it’s still gorgeous enough to be the main event on the eye. I really like this one and if I ever purchased a full jar, this would be it.




Goldilux all over the lid. This shit looks like liquid gold. It’s amazeballs. I did find it to have a lot of fallout – it’s a *very* fine shadow and a sticky base is an absolute must – but it’s super cool! It’s… it’s just SO gold.



Darling all over the lid with Tipsy in the inner corner. Darling is a really beautiful colour! Again it’s a very fine shadow, and I did find it stained my lids a little.  I’ve worn it alone on the lid a few times since I’ve got it because I *love* how it looks with my hair colour. Super pretty.



Tiara all over the lid with Royal Sugar in the crease and on the lashlines. Tiara is much more sparkly than this in real life, and although it doesn’t have that oomph that Goldilux has – it’s not as bright - it’s very pretty. I was expecting tons of fallout with this one but it was actually fine.


Royal Sugar all over the lid. (This later turned into this). I’d heard a lot of negative things about how hard Royal Sugar is to work with –  that’s it’s patchy and the fallout is awful – but I didn’t have a problem with it. It worked fine over Pixie Epoxy and the fallout wasn’t any worse than a normal dark loose shadow. I’m not a blue eyeshadow person but this one is pretty awesome.


Overall, I really like these shadows. I don’t think they’re the be all and end all that some seem to think they are, but they’re certainly bright and pretty. Because Sugarpill are an ‘indie’ company, I think a lot people want to see a little more uniqueness from the shades (Off the top of my head, there’s certainly alternative to Lumi from Kryolan, and Goldilux and Hi-Fi On Tour are exactly the same). I don’t necessarily see it as a negative that they’re not all super unique– I know where to go for unique colours and from a professional standpoint at least I can see the need for bold colours such as these (an MUA might not always want or need ‘unique’ colours, for example.) To sum up, while I really like these and I’m glad I finally got them in my grubby paws, I don’t love them more than anything else, if you know what I mean. In my opinion, they’re kind of on par with Barry M eyeshadows – not the most unique, but good value ( Great, in fact. Just to compare, Barry M is about £4.50 for 3.5g and with the current conversion Sugarpill are about £7.60 for 12g)  and very pretty! I’m looking forward to trying their pressed shadows next.


  1. So glad you tried Sugarpill I like em but know what you mean they aren't complex but that's not a problem

    However I will never speak to you again if you don't try Lumi over a black base right now DO IT NAAAOWWW!

    Im more then happy to send you some of my shades too if you ever want?

  2. They look amazing! Such bright colours.

  3. Lovely eye makeup, the colours in that swatch are really nice.

  4. I think Decora and Lumi would be the must haves, as well as Asylum. Just because you are right, others can be duped with some searching around.

  5. Woah I LOVE the Decora + Tipsy look! So beautiful

  6. I love the second look. Decora looks great on you.

  7. UNFFFF I love all of them! I love how soft and girly the second look is, when I think of Sugarpill I just think "how obnoxiously bright can I make this look?" And what is that blue liner in the first look?

  8. the colours are pretty but i cant imagine myself ever needing to use those colours

  9. I was just wondering when you'd be the one to fall for sugarpill! you don't clearly understand how amazing they are and how sparkly they can be until you have them in front of you!
    and these looks was so inspirational to look at! great job!

  10. SWEET! I was so excited the first time I got Sugarpill! I placed an order for most of the ones I didn't have quite awhile ago and I skipped on Lumi and Tiara because they didn't call to me but I love what you've done with them! I think Royal Sugar is a cruel mistress, I found it to be very gritty with lots of fallout despite it being a gorgeous colour.

  11. Lovely looks, I don't have any problems with Royal Sugar myself.


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