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Friday 25 November 2011

Swatches, review and LOTD: Sleek ‘The Berry Collection’

The Berry Collection is Sleeks Christmas Offering this year. While I’m always excited for a new Sleek blush (they’re fantastic, bright and dead cheap) I will admit that I was initially upset at the lack of a brand new, sparkly palette for Christmas, especially as last years Sparkle palette was so pretty.  While I wouldn’t say I followed seasonal trends at all, I’m a sparkle fiend so Christmas is a good time for me). At a glance, this makes no sense whatsoever as a Christmas collection – the kit contains a reddish brown blush, a deep wine matte lipstick and an almost identical colour kohl pencil. Red eyeliner? Matte stuff, at Christmas? Colours most paler skin tones would run a mile at? But that *is* just at a glance.


sleek the berry collection

From left to right: Eye Kohl in Mossberry, smudged, and Eye Kohl in Mossberry applied heavily. True Colour matte lipstick in Cranberry. Blush in Fenberry blended out and applied heavily. I have no idea what a fen or mossberry is.

sleek the berry collection 2

The packaging is Sleeks standard, er, sleek matte black affair. The last few limited edition collection have had fancy images on the packaging – these just have simple red foil writing (apart from the lipstick) which I think is jolly nice.

sleek cranberry swatch

sleek cranberry

True Colour Lipstick in Cranberry, in unnatural and natural light.


Eye Kohl Pencil in Mossberry.

FOTD with the whole set! Really liking the blush on.

You know what? Props to Sleek for flying in the face of sparkly, spangly glossy Christmas tradition, because this set is epic, and I’ll tell thee for why. One, I *love* monochromatic looks. Love, love, love.  Two, it’s actually a fabulous colour palette for a winter collection. The only thing that is a little negative – and to be honest it’s more of a worry for them than me – is that the reddish eye pencil will almost certainly put a lot people off, and that I wish the kohl was a tad softer.

The whole kit costs £9.99 from Superdrug, saving you a few squid on the individual items. Overall, I love this set from Sleek and I really love that they broke the mould with this Christmas collection!


What do you think of ‘seasonal’ makeup? Do you change your colour palette when it gets warmer/colder?


  1. oooh want :D I could do with a Kohl in that colour

  2. Seasons aren't really that noticeable where I live, but I do tend to wear heavier/darker colors around these months. I absolutely love how this set looks on you, it's so sophisticated, and the eye pencil makes your eyes pop!

  3. Okay, now you've convinced me that I want this!

  4. This set is RIGHT up my street and I want it so badly! I even love the blush and I'm so not a blush girl.. Damn Sleek not being available in Ireland! *shakes fist* You look so hot in with the eyeliner and lipstick, it looks bootiful with your hair too!

  5. I adore this look! I love the reds with your red hair. They're a perfect match.

  6. Pretty lady! This is a bit silly as a Christmas collection, but I still want the lipstick and eyeliner. XD I perpetually have my seasons mixed up and tend to do vampy lips when the other hemisphere is experiencing Winter.

  7. MMMMMmmmm, I love this set! The blush and lipstick look fabulous on you. I wish we had Sleek here in Canada!

  8. Dammit, I wasn't that interested in this before but I've seen so many people looking great in the shades that I really want it! I hope I can still get it after Chritmas!


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