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Thursday, 7 March 2013

LOTD: Smokey Brown Eyes and Red Lips

Again I feel I should apologise for not having anything bright, original or exciting! I really need to stop feeling like that because I actually love this type of look. If I’m apologising for anything it’s for the state of my bloody hair, which I haven’t dyed for a while as my scalp is a little sensitive right now – any tips from frequent dyers?!  Anyway, enough of my melon, on to the look!


deep smokey browns
deep smokey browns 2
deep smokey browns 3
deep smokey browns 4

Eyes: Inglot Matte 32, 328. MAC Gesso. Too Faced Night Nymph.
Cheeks: MAC Lightsweep, MAc Buff.
Lips: MAC Such Flare!, Barry M lipliner.

Yep. Smokey deep eyes, red lips. Classic combo, gotta love it! I love how this looked even if the eyeshadow application was a bit dodgy – getting used to a new eye primer, blah blah.


What combinations have you been rocking lately?


  1. Beautiful! I love your earrings too. x x

  2. Gorgeous and also gimmie the earrings :D

  3. Cuuuute! I adore red lips on you :)

  4. Agh, so gorgeous! And I love, love, love the earrings!

  5. Beautiful. That lipsick is amazing.

  6. No need to apologize, I love everything you show us

  7. I always love looks like this. Can't go wrong with something classic!


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