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Thursday, 28 March 2013

New Lipsticks: Drugstore Brights!

I’ve picked up a few beautiful bright lipsticks recently, and what with the bloody awful weather at the moment and the fact I barely have time for makeup in the morning, I really genuinely feel I needed all of these in my life!

Max Factor Giant Lip Pencil in Vibrant Pink

Max Factor Giant Lip Pencil in Vibrant Pink: I haven’t bought a Max Factor product in many a year, but Boots are having one of thier 3-for-2 deals on at the moment and this caught my eye. Having not jumped on any of the pencil bandwagons over the last year or so I can’t say what this is comparable to formula-wise but it manages to be bright as balls and still feel very light and balmy on the lips. Sadly the rest of the range is less exciting in terms of brights, but this one is a winner even though it does stain like a bitch!

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick in Electric Orange

Maybelline Colour Sensation Vivid Lipstick in Electric Orange: A present from Wendy who knows my tastes very well! It looks much more yellow based in the tube which worried me initially as strongly yellow based oranges look just awful on me, but it actually wears beautifully and suits me rather nicely. I’ve heard mixed things from other bloggers on the range, but based on this shade alone it gets a thumbs up! Again, the formula is balmy and pigmented which is rather nice.

Rimmel Apocalips in Siren

Rimmel Apocalips in Siren: I’ve been TRYING to purchase the red shade of this for weeks, but everywhere I got it’s sold out, so I picked up Siren, which is more of a pinky-red instead. I think the shade is absolutely gorgeous and the finish is beautiful but there is something about this that makes me not want to scream and shout from the rooftops about it – possibly that every time I’ve worn it it’s ended up all over my face and teeth.

Wet N Wild Fuschanista

Wet N Wild Centre Stage Collection lipstick in Fuschianista: Another gift from Wendy, only available stateside, this is from Wet n Wild collaboration with Fergie, which to be honest I find a bit of an odd one! I was delighted with this shade as it’s very similar to one from NYC which I loved back in the day. While that shade was a measly £2 it absolutely awful smelling and the lid would not stay on – no colour or saving on price is worth a stained handbag! I’m happy to report this doesn’t smell rank and the lid stays on, thank you and please.

summer palette

L-R: Max Factor Vivid Pink, Maybelline Electric Orange, Rimmel Siren, Wet n Wild Fuschanista


Bought anything bright lately?


  1. that max factor one is gorgeous! I never paid any attention to MF but now i think i have to check this new range out! :O

  2. Siren looks gorgeous. I really want the 'Stellar' one. Review? :)

  3. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  4. Oh my gosh, I am LIVING for that Siren lipstick!!! That shade is to die for.

  5. I bought MAC Saigon Summer after I saw it on here because I needed another lipstick like I need a hole in the head! I really like Siren now....


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