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Friday, 15 November 2013

LOTD with Melt Spacecake and MAC Glitter and Ice Cool Palette

All in all, this look is not as nice as I wanted it to be as I was trying some new products and totally buggered it up, but I really wanted to show off this rather gorgeous lipstick!
mac glitter and ice cool lotd

mac glitter and ice cool lotd 2

mac glitter and ice cool lotd 3

mac glitter and ice cool
Melt Space Cake
Eyes: Shadows are all MAC Glitter and Ice cool palette, Morgana Cryptoria Silver Holo Glitter on the lid
Cheeks: Too Faced Chocolate…something, I don’t fucking know
Lips: Melt Cosmetics Spacecake
I participated in a Halloween makeup swap, and my swap partner Channy sent me some wonderful items, including the glitter and eyeshadows seen here. I mean seriously, a MAC palette from the Glitter and Ice collection? This is a bloody gorgeous palette, and you can still pick it up on eBay and so on for not-too-silly prices - the purple and blue shades are just gorgeous. Thank you Channy! She also sent me some really nice Australian items that I'll be talking about soon.

 The reason I buggered this look up is that I was doing an intricate swoopy cut-crease sort of thing, and then I tried to adhere the glitter she sent me using Lit Clearly Liquid base…. I’d not use it before and it messed up all my liner and all my crease work. It’s an amazing adhesive (I'll be reviewing it soon) but I really needed to learn how to use it before attempting something so fancy with it! So please excuse the dissapointing eye makeup, heehee!
But let’s talk about that lipstick. GREY LIPSTICK, SCHWEEDHEART. I’d seen a lot of love for Melt on Instagram and on a total whim picked up a couple of shades, including this lovely, Spacecake. If you want I’ll do a review on the two shades I picked, but for now, bask in it’s matte grey creme glory.
What do you think of grey lipstick? Yea? Nay? Really nay?


  1. That lipstick is gorgeous! I really like your eye makeup too :)

  2. I can't even cope with how good creme grey lipstick looks, my perceptions have been altered.

    1. MINE TOO. I am head over fucking heels. I love it so much.

  3. Oh, I want that lipstick!! That looks amazing.

  4. I have some pictures on my computer wearing Lady Grey by Morgana Cryptoria and I LOVE LOVE LOVE grey lipstick! I have been wanting these Melt lipsticks but they have been sold out for a long time, boooo.


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