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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Quickie Review and LOTD: MAC Nocturnals Green & Teal Pigment and Glitter Set

MAC Nocturnals Pigments

MAC Nocturnals

I normally don’t even bother to look at MAC’s holiday sets, but this one really caught my eye as I’ve wanted several of the colours for a long time. This is a pigments and glitter set including Reflects Gold glitter, Old Gold pigment, 3D Gold glitter, Deep Blue Green pigment and Just Before Dawn Pigment. Reflects Gold is part of the permanent Pro range, Old Gold and Deep Blue Green are part of the permanent core range, 3D Gold isn’t permanent as far as I can tell but gets released with various collections and is easy to find elsewhere online. Just Before Dawn is limited Edition.

I’ve tried MAC glitter before but never the pigments so I was excited to have a play around. These are in smaller pots than than usual with a gold and white colour scheme on the lid which is also printed on the box they came in as well. I think the presentation of these vials is really chic for a winter collection and certainly much more pleasing on the eye than plain old black. The set comes in a glossy black box with the same white-and-gold motif around the edge, but it was so shiny I gave up trying to capture it, to be honest!


MAC Nocturnals Green Teal Pigment Swatches

Mac Nocturnals Green Teal Swatches

Pigments over bare skin, glitters with Lit Cosmetics glitter base.

L-R: Relfects Gold (white glitter with gold sheen that looks champagne in some lights, as you can see here) , Old Gold (bright gold with an olive sheen), Deep Blue Green (blackened teal), Just Before Dawn (deep grey-taupe), 3D Gold (almost chartreuse holographic gold).


Old GOld on the Lips
3D Gold on the Lid

Old Gold on the lips with Inglot Duraline), 3D Gold on the lips with Lit Cosmetics glitter base. Here you can really see the greenish tone that Old Gold has and how vibrant 3D gold looks! Apparently 3D Gold isn’t lip safe, but personally I don’t care.

MAC Nocturnals Just Before Dawn Old Gold Blue Brown Teal LOTD Reflects Gold

MAC Nocturnals LOTD Look Eyeshadows

Just Before Dawn all over the lid and lower lashline with Deep Blue Green in the outer V. Reflects Gold in the inner corner and Old Gold and Deep Blue Green to line.

Reflects Gold

Reflects Gold on the lid.

Just before Dawn

Just Before Dawn in the crease and on lower lashline, Deep Blue Green on the upper lashline.

Overall, I really love this set! I think pigments work well together and that the glitters are a really fun addition that work with the pigments nicely too. 3D Gold might be a bit much for some, (especially as I’m sure it’s not technically eye or lip safe) but Reflects Gold is a really nice, “subtle” glitter than I think most people could get use out of. Personally the stand out for me is actually Just Before Dawn - I love the deep grey look it has and just think it’s a really sexy colour. I’m excited to work out what fun things I can do with 3D Gold as well as I’m a huge fan of the 3D silver glitter! I do find the name of the set odd – there’s not a true green shade in here at all and there are two gold shades? 

I was concerned the vials would be too small to get a brush into as they’re  slim openings on the jars, but I managed to get my application and blending brushes into the top, and can just about use the lids to swirl the excess products away. It’s not the easiest packaging to use but it’s not the worst, and there’s also a small plug on top of the opening to keep things a bit neater which is nice.

The set costs £25.50 from With one pigment from MAC costing £17 for 0.15 ounces (these pigments are 0.09 ounces or 0.14 ounces for the glitter)  you’re getting a pretty decent amount of quality product for your money. For a makeup lover, I think this is a really nicely presented gift!



Do you like MAC pigments? What do you have your eye on from this years holiday collection?


  1. Beautiful colors and gorgeous looks!

  2. Old Gold looks amazing on your lips!

  3. Wow, really beautiful! I love the gold cat eye with the dark eyeshadow; very striking!

  4. Stunning! Love the colors and they are perfect for this season. A must try for a change of look. Love it!


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