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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Quickie Review and Swatches: Darling Girl Spectral Shifts


Darling Girl is a wonderful indie company with a huge range of amazing shadows and blushes – genuinely something for everyone! In my last order from them I got several of their ‘Spectral Shifts’:

“Spectral Shifts are silky, sheer, iridescent, multipurpose shades that can be used as eye shadow, face highlighters, or depending on your complexion, blush.  Don't let the colors fool you -- the shift makes them very wearable.”

I have to say that the description is spot on – these are super soft, finely milled shades with a beautiful lit-from-within look to them. Where they’re so fine, you can pack them on or use them as a soft wash, and they work really well layered other other products like eyeliners and eyeshadow.


Spectral Shifts Darling Girl

Spectral Shifts DG 2

L-R: Razzles, Mystique, April Showers, Ramblin’ Rose, Double Bubble.

My swatches are pretty poor compared to the ones on the site which show up the shifts beautifully, but I hope you can tell how pretty they are! Originally I wanted to get more pinky-peach colours so I could use them as highlighters but ended up falling in love with a couple of blue colours. Razzles is a really interesting periwinkle  colour with a reddish shift – I’m keen to use this in a smokey eye soon. Mystique is made up of soft cotton candy blue with a pink shift and is the most adorable colour – it layers over blues really well. April Showers looks lovely on the lid – very subtle indeed on it’s own but adds a little somethin’ somethin’ I really quite enjoy! Ramblin’ Rose is the one I would tell everyone to go buy – a dove grey colour with a reddish-pink shift, it’s an absolutely stunning eyeshadow – but Double Bubble is my absolute favourite – it’s so cheerful!


Here I’m wearing Mystique as an all-over cheek highlight for a ghostly sort of look. It’s not an everyday look by any means of course, but shows off the subtle glow you’ll get from the Spectral shifts.

April Showers

This wonderful display of makeup artistry sis what happens when you do your makeup on the tube. Mascara splodges aside, I’m a bit in love with way April Showers looks on the lid. So subtle and yet so pretty! It reminds me of a softer, girlier version of one of my favourite Fyrinnae shades, Damn Paladins.

Available at, a petit jar of these – which goes a long way! - will set you back a staggeringly measly $2.50!

Have you tried Darling Girl? What are your favourite highlighters?


  1. I love how Mystique looks on your cheeks! That is so cool!

  2. How pretty! These remind me of some of the first eyeshadows I was allowed to play with back in the late nineties/ early 2000's!

  3. Thanks for posting these lovely swatches and I just love your mermaid look! <3

  4. I have been a dedicated DGC fan for a couple of years now, and yet somehow I've never tried any of the spectral shifts. I am *so* adding samples to my next order! Thanks for the awesome swatches!

  5. By the way, your mermaid eye makeup is KILLER. Next time I head to London, instead of shopping for makeup, let's play with makeup!


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