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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Quickie Review: VIVO Matte Lipsticks


Last but not least in my VIVO-rama are their matte lipsticks! I love a matte lipstick so when VIVO sent me three shades to try I ripped the tops off and got swatching! I really like the packaging for these – the tubes taper off to one side instead of being a normal round tube. I like little quirks like this, as it makes it easier to find colours I want in my carefully organised storage system massive bucket of lipsticks.

Pink Sweetie

‘Pink Sweetie’



pucker red

‘Pucker Red’

vivo lipsticks1
L-R: Pink Sweetie, Tangtastic, Pucker Red. Eyes are VIVO Dreamy Palette.


Surprisingly, I really, really like Pink Sweetie! It’s not a colour family I ever really reach for, but I do like it and think it would suit a 60’s look wonderfully and I can see myself using Tangtastic for ombre lips using other orange or red colours or with a really sparkly gloss over the top, or for work. If you get one out of the bunch though, it’s gotta be Pucker Red! It’s a gorgeous classic shade and I think it’d suit a whole bunch of skintones. Something about it reminds me of how your lips look when you’ve eaten ice lollies.

The formula of these is kind of strange for matte lipsticks – they are indeed matte but unlike a lot of other matte formulas, they’re quite thin. I think this is a good thing – a lot of matte lipsticks can feel clumpy and drag on the lips but these don’t. They’re not super matte like some other lipsticks can be either, which depending on your preferences could be good or bad. I’m just happy there are such things as comfortable, pigmented matte lipsticks available for a couple of squids.


Personally I hope the shade range expands (there’s also a bright pink in the range) but if you’re after a gorgeous red for party season (and fancy a fair whack of change from a tenner to boot!) these are available from VIVO for £1.99.


As always where products are sent to me, opinions are my own.


  1. Oooo cheap and pretty love the red

  2. These look really great! Love all three of the colors.

  3. Mmm Tangtastic looks wonderful. I really like Pink sweetie on you as well, it's very mod but just a tiny bit blue enough to make it more modern. :3


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