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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sleek-ret Santa

Man, I got so lucky for Secret Santa this year. I have another AWESOME Secret Santa post(which was so secret I didn't know about it at all) coming up soon once I've done more looks for it, but this is my work Secret Santa. My gift was a bunch of Sleek stuff from my manager Kev, who is Kat O's other half and whom I suspect may have been enlisted :) Anyway I was stoked because it's Sleek, and also because he managed to get me stuff that I didn't have.

Anyway, lookit:

L-R: Cranberry, Dream Maker, Galactic, Twinkle, Starlight. (I didn't swatch Noir - you've seen it 10,000 times before.)

L-R: Illusion, Festive, Mistletoe, Glitz and Glamour, Gold Ribbon Tinsel.

I'm really impressed, as per usual, with this palette - these are certainly the sparkliest pressed eyeshadows I've seen. Apart from Mistletoe, Gold Ribbon, and Tinsel, the latter of which are lovely metallics, all have holo/multi-colored sparkle. Standouts for me are Cranberry, which is really bright, Mistletoe (which will go very well with another palette someone lovely bought me!) and Illusion which is AWESOME.

L-R: Sleek Kajal liner in Odyssey, Odyssey smudged out, Sleek Dip It glitter liner in Diablo and Caribbean.

I've had my eye on the kajal for a while, but for some reason never picked it up. It's pretty awesome, it has a lovely sheen for it. I wish they did more colours as I don't need another black liner but they seem very versatile.

Odyssey all over as a base and on lower lashline, Diablo liner on lower lashline, Twinkle in crease, Illusion on lid, Tinsel in inner corner and as a highlight.

Can't argue with being given a crapton of sparkle for Christmas! Hope you're all looking forward to it - we had real, actual, decent snow here in London today! It meant a shoot I was supposed to go to got cancelled because in the UK public transport can't deal with bloody rain, but it looks pretty.

Off to mull some wine and make some mince pies now! Toodlepip! xxx


  1. Oooh, the glitter eyeliners look nice! Especially the pink-red one :) Your purple smokey look is gorgeous too; what a lovely gift!

  2. The purple look you have done is beautifull!

    & the sparkly eyeliner looks amazing, I walked past it today in Superdrug thinking nothing of them :(!

  3. Gosh! Purple looks sooo good on you! Everything I see from Sleek I need, like now!

  4. Oh my lawd those glitter liners look gorgeous! Im pretty much obsessed with glitter nowadays! Love the look, its so festive! Also i think i would buy the sparkle palette for Mistletoe alone!

  5. You suit purple looks - particularly smokey ones - so damn much! Cranberry and that gold from the palette look awesome, as does the kajal. It looks like it has pink and gold shimmer?

  6. I am refusing to let myself do a CP request for Sparkle... I've held out this long and I WILL SUCCEEEEEEDDD :D

    ... probably not...

  7. Oh, god, that dark purple sparkly look is insanely gorgeous!


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