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Saturday 11 December 2010


...Have I been busy at the moment! Stupid work, friends, life, etc etc etc. Sorry I've not been more attentive to all your blogs, I'll catch up when I can, promise!

Anyway, here's what I've been putting on my face - or rather, my eyes, as my skin is dry, peel, spotty and angry. Cold air and less sleep is not doing it any favours, hence the lack of full face pics.

I wanted a soft, mermaid-y look and I really liked how this came out. I used TSS Angels Blush on the lid, Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions in the crease and TSS Rules of Reverence on the lower lashline. I then pressed MUA Shade 9, that lovely purple duo-chrome over the teal liner... irl, it looked pretty awesome but it didn't want to photograph.

This was a rush day. I used all Fyrinnae - Moon Child on the lid, and Damn Paladins and Selkie Skin in the crease. I thought I'd try grey rather than black liner - wasn't too stoked on it, but whatever.

I NEEDED to use Darling Girls Scarecrow and I thought it would look nice with Fyrinnae Polar Bear. It took away a lot of the purple tone but I still thought it looked beautiful. On my cheeks I have Darling Girl.... Fuji, probably, and Accessorize merged blusher in Pretty Pink. Its supposed to be a MAC Moon River dupe - no idea, but I love it.

After leaving my precious Wet and Wild Lust Palette at my mum and dad's house, I decided it needed some love... I really do adore this palette! The Fig dupe wasn't being as purple as I wanted, so I blended the edges with the matte purple from Sleek Acid.

Here's a sort of Christmassy look! Hi-Fi Sweet Dreams on the lid with Barry M Old Gold in the crease and Barry M Emerald on the lashlines. I paired this with an awesome orange lipgloss I found in Primark for 50p... nothing like treating yourself!

That's all folks, off to put up my Christmas tree with the wife now :)


  1. I love the purple look! One of these days I am just going to give in and buy that Sleek Acid palette! I want it sooo bad!

  2. All of them are really pretty looks!

  3. I lahhhhhve how icy the inner corner and lower lashline are in the first look, and I'ma totally steal that WnW Lust look :D

  4. I love them all, but out of these I ADORE your Lust palette look! OMG!

  5. I'm getting behind on reading blogs and posting on my own too! Life happens! Love all of your looks, as usual! I especially like the smokey purple look!

  6. Love them, and the dark one is so nice on you x

  7. I like how icy-sweet the first look is, and the purple smoky eye is spot on. I love smoky looks on light-eyed people.

  8. Haha loooove! The first is really interesting with the pinky gold shift... and I looove the Lust palette look. Totally hot!


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