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Thursday 30 December 2010

Baby, you want me?

Well you can get this Lapdance here for fre.. uh, $2-4 dollars.

No, I'm not talking about boobies, you uncouth hooligans. Susan managed to defy the laws of space, time and Christmas and I got an order I placed on 17th December today - for something from the States at this time of year, that is pretty impressive.

What I ordered:

Pink Outrage

Petit Eyeshadows:
Making Merry (Holiday 2010)
Innocence (Naughty and Nice collection - Nice)
Lap Dance (Naughty and Nice collection - Naughty)
Honey Pot (Naughty and Nice collection - Naughty)

Eyeshadow Sample:

and I also recieved:

Legacy eyeshadow (GWP)
Santa Baby eyeshadow sample
Candy Cane Lane Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm Sample

I really, really like Chococat - I think it's going to make a great liner! Legacy which was my free gift is a perfect copper, with green-gold sparkles, so a good staple colour. The satin finish of Innocence is goooorgeous - I want to try it as a cheek highlighter. Santa Baby is beautiful too - I think it's slightly more pink in real life than in the swatch.

And these are my favourites. Honey Pot - ohhh, fuck yes. It's shitting awesome. It's also pigmented like woah. Making Merry is something all purple fans should snap up immediately - it has an aqua/green shift and red glitter. I love purple and gold together so it'll go nicely with Honey Pot. Lap Dance is a little sheerer, perhaps, than the other two, but not by much. You can't tell from the photo on the Darling Girl site, but this shiz is crammed with purple glitter - just like a strippers knickers. The glitter brushed off when I dry swatched this (Susan says to use a sticky base on the site) and there is still some purple shift there, which is good.

Candy Cane Lane - I really need to buy one of the Darling Girl balms as they seem really moisturizing and the tint shows up on my lips. This one smells EXACTLY like candy canes - not just like peppermint, like Polos, but the sweet minty smell of candy canes. Luckily I had a box to hand so I ate one right after applying this!

Zee blushes. The lighting here is obviously pretty poor, but you can see the violet shift that Fantasia -which is more peach, less orange -has. I'm verrrry excited to try this on. Pink Outrage is also pretty awesome... its actually quite sheer and sparkly, compared to in the jar where it looks like a neon bubblegum! Again, more pink in real life. Hopefully I can get a better picture when the weather faeries deem England worthy of the sun again.

Well, I'm still totally sold on Darling Girl Cosmetics. I'm so glad I chose some eyeshadows for my second order. I can't wait to for the Hello Kitty collection, which from what I've seen looks SUPER KAWAII!

Have you ordered from DG yet? What are your favourite products?

Robyn xxx


  1. wow, REALLY liking what i'm seeing! so need some in my life, especially the honey pot...yowsa


  2. DAMN YOU! Now I need to make another order...I was going to wait for the Hello Kitty collection but I want Lap dance, making merry, um everything!!

  3. Yay! I think I have most of these colors! They are so awesome! Making Merry is so beautiful! And I'm excited for the Hello Kitty collection too!

  4. YAY, I am so glad you got Honey Pot and Making Merry, they are so awesome, like WOAH! And holy shit I love those blushes. Darling Girl, FTW!

  5. Holy shiz! I really want Chococat and Honey Pot, also Making Merry is pretty awesome too.

  6. Innocence is exactly my type of colour, I love it! You're so right about Seche Vite - forget about chipping, this morning the whole thing just peeled right off a couple of my nails! No need to nail varnish remover! And I also noticed that it's starting to peel off my MAC brushes - I got over the numbers with a clear varnish and thought it would be the best for it, but my clear Barry M is far better! Happy NYE!!

  7. @socialitedreams: Its an amazing colour, I think it'll make for a really funky liner!

    @kimberley: I can't wait for the HK collection, Susan posted the cutest green from it the other day!

    @The Peach: I can't wait to wear Making Merry, I might wear it with a red crease for NYE if I have time

    @MakeupZombie: Fantasia is an amazing blush! Its really unique, like WOAH.

    @nerdy girl: I totally bought chococat for the name :D

    @Kat O: Innocence is really lovely. Even though I do favour the bolder brighter colours I hate it when an indie company doesn't have a good selection of neutrals. That sucks about Seche Vite. I just really want it to work for someone because of all the good things I've heard about it... It makes me think I'm a bit mad because it doesn't work for me!

  8. I haven't ordered from DGC but these swatches are so pretty! You should do a look with Honey Pot and Making Merry. YUM!


  10. I love DG! I am doing a haul post as I type. I got some great ones this time, you should check out Electra, its gorgeous!


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