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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Makeover fun time again: Sorrell

My friend Sorrell asked me to do her makeup a few days ago - first she wanted something 'pretty' and then she asked me to recreate something I'd posted on blog a while back.


I used a shit load of purples, but the main lid colour is Hi Fis Between the Stars, which I still utterly adore. The purple was more vibrant in real life but we took these pics at about 9pm and there was nothing doing light-wise. I used Rimmel Vintage Pink lipstick and Evil Shades Wicked Gloss in. I really liked this on her, she's definitely a Purple.

This is a recreation of this look, and I think I like it better on Sorrell than me - I changed the placement a bit. I use all Sleek shadows from various palettes again. It was a little odd seeing Sorrell wear this much makeup at first as she's normally just a mascara and blush girl - it made me wonder if I wear too much slap! Only for a second, though :D

I've had an epically good weekend - I had my Christmas Dinner with some friends yestreday. It's becoming an annual thing where we all get together at my friend's mums house, who has a kitchen Delia would be proud of and cook and eat a crapload of food and swap Secret Santa presents. Me and Jen and Natalie cooked - we had an enormous buttery chicken, a great big boiled ham with a Orange Blossom Honey and ginger wine glaze, loads of chipolatas/pigs in blankets, cheesy leeks, celeriac and garlic mash, goose-fat roasties, carrots, parsnips and buttered savoy.... OM. NOM. NOM. Then we had pie and strudel and after THAT we had loads of cheese (and port ;)) from this amazing speciality shop near my friends house. I also lucked out and got the BEST makeup book ever for my secret Santa gift. It really is fantastic - it does have tips and tricks, which are actually decent, but it's mainly chock full of amaaaaazing pictures. It even has a mens section!



  1. Beautiful makeup on your friend Sorrell! I think the purple look really fits her! Sounds like you had a great time with your friends! It is so fun to do that kind of stuff during the holiday season!

  2. I fucking loooove the gold and blue look on her! And OMG you need to cook for me :O pigs in blankets = my reason for living

  3. Lovely makeup! Really love the blue and yellow look!

  4. They're both beautiful looks :) Your friend has such gorgeous green eyes!


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