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Friday, 3 December 2010

Ow kunnit nofe skusin danger ifzat?

Sick of Harry Potter looks yet? Yes?! Well then sectumspempra to you. (Well, maybe not. But definitely a Bat-Bogey Hex or something of the sort.) I always thought I'd never bother because its pretty obvious and done colour combos, but then I realised that, oh yeah, I freaking love Harry Potter. So here we go...


My house... Ah, who am I kidding, I'd be in Hufflepuff. I wanted something dark and murky but still using the house colours, leaving a neutral pale face a la Draco. I used Sleek, Barry M, Wet N Wild and Fyrinnae.


Came out a little too pink, I think (and I used ES Zombie which is a bit too purple), but I liked it anyway. It was nice and warm, like the Gryffindor common room! Mainly Sleek and Fyrinnae with some Evil Shades.


Using Hi-Fi, Wet N Wild, Barry M, Gosh and Sleek. I went for the book colours, obviously; Ravenclaw automatically makes me think of Luna so I went for a nice cheery blue (Hi-Fi Chicago =<3)as opposed to navy, which is more of a traditional school jumper colour (in the UK anyway!)


I did another look for this, but it was too yellow. I mean, YELLOW. So I redid it and this is what I came up with. Eh... I just couldn't do anything good. If I had more time I could do a really funky badger liner, but these are all what I wore to work.

Hungarian Horntail:

Grey, taupe and black for the Horntails scales, gold for its egg! Love me some Horntail! Using Sleek, Fyrinnae and 120 palette. Not quite how it was in my head but I liked the placement.


Murky brown for his fur as a rat (and probably his soul. What a prick) and silver for his new hand. All Sleek shadows. I really, really like silver and brown together. I'm going to try this combo again with dark green liner and a Mac Club dupe in the crease.

Nymphadora Tonks:

Tonks is one of my favourite characters. Obviously this is inspired by her hair. I used Sleek, Fyrinnae, MUA and Collection 2000.

Yay and hooray! Off to finish OOTP now kthxbai x


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! Such a good idea :D I'm a Ravenclaw* so I will have to do a blue and bronze look next time I go out, in honour of my house!

    *Sadly, only as Ravenclaw as a Muggle can get...

  2. I will NEVER tire of Harry Potter. I LOVE the looks! Can't choose a favorite...I really love the colors you used for Tonks and Gryffindor. :D

  3. Sadly, I have never read any Harry Potter :( But love your looks! I think Wormtail and Nymphadora Tonks are my favorite of your Harry Potter inspired looks!

  4. Eeee, love the 'Hungarian Horntail' look, so pretty and (dare I say) festive :)

  5. Love the looks! Especially Nymphadora Tonks it's so bright!

  6. Oooo my favourites have to be wormtail and hungarian horntail, ive never seen the use of gold and silver together, but you made it look damn good!

  7. OMG I fucking love that you did looks beyond just the house colours :D the Gryffindor look makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and makes me want to go sit near a fireplace. And the Tonks look....well it's bright so of course I love it!

  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the looks for Griffindor, Hungarian Horntail, and Nymphadora Tonks. Beautiful!

  9. You're a lovely Tonks, I'm afraid I'd look better as Wormtail. Oh well...

  10. Awesome! Love the last look! x

  11. These are all REALLY awesome, I actually like the Ravenclaw look the most! I like the combo of the mattified blue and the sparkly in the crease... really nice! Also the Tonks look, <3. But I love Tonks anyway.

  12. Beautiful looks - I especially like Tonks!


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